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The Benefits of Twisty Pegs

Clothes Pegs are very familiar to all of us and do not require any introduction or instructions for use. When we use them however, we are all also very familiar with these common drawbacks.

Will Not Break: - With the solid one piece design and complete UV protection, the Twisty Peg will flex and twist as required, but will never break or snap. As there is no spring mechanism this can not malfunction or become detached.

Will Not Rust: - As there is no spring mechanism the twisty peg will not rust or seize up as it becomes used.

Will Not Stain: - Traditional pegs can stain your clothes by either the wood construction getting dirty and wet or by the spring mechanism rusting. None of these can happen with the Twisty Pegs solid one piece construction.

No Pinching or cutting: - As there are no moving parts or thin sections that snap you will never trap your fingers in a Twisty Peg or be cut by sharp edges. Twisty Pegs are fully child safe.

Leave on the line: - Twisty Pegs are weather and UV resistant. You can happily leave them on the line if you desire, with no detrimental effect to them or there performance. If they do become dirty over time, then just pop them in with your next wash and they will come out looking brand new again.

Lawn Mower Proof: - Should they drop onto your lawn, no need to worry. Due to the natural flex in the material they are completely Lawn Mower Proof. They will simply be spat out by the Lawn Mower with minimal damage to them and none to your lawn mower.

UK Origin: - Proudly manufactured and distributed in the UK the Twisty Peg does not have a legacy of Far East Manufacture and long distance distribution with all the environmental issues that evokes.

Never need replacing: - Because of the Twisty Pegs unique construction, unless you physically loose them, these are probably the last peg you will ever need to buy!.