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Twisty Peg Uses

All Traditional Clothes Peg uses

As with a Traditional Clothes Peg, a Twisty Peg can be used as a normal Home Laundry Peg both indoors and outdoors as well as other peg activities such as sealing open bags or packets that are half empty and donít want to be spilt in the larder, just as we are all use to doing.

Additional Twisty Peg uses

However, due to its robust construction and non rusting properties, the Twisty Peg can also be used for such activities as pairing up socks in the washing machine and sealing open packets that go in the freezer.

Doing your laundry while Camping and Boating are also ideally suited to the Twisty Peg.

With its push on, twist off action the Twisty Peg is also very user friendly to those with limited function or movement in their hands and fingers.