The Fall and Rise of the Clothes line

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The Fall and Rise of the Clothes Line

The Demise of the Washing Line

Over the last decade, the convenience and acceptability of Tumble Dryers has seen a big swing in many households to this being the “Normal” method of drying your Laundry. Many households now have two incomes with less free time, so the time/cost/reliability relationship of modern white goods has become ever more acceptable.
This has had a downturn effect over the past 10 years on the sale of the Household Clothes Peg. As a result we have seen clothes pegs fall in price, but also fall in quality and reliability.

The Comeback of the House Hold Peg

In recent months there has been a dramatic reversal in the use of tumble dryers as the environmentally conscious consumer becomes far more aware of their electricity usage and subsequent carbon output. Much publicity and media attention has been aimed at modern households with regard energy consumption and their resulting efficiency. This has resulted in a measurable and recorded swing to the traditional Clothes Line and Clothes Peg use as part of a low emission family.

Consumers are aware and feel a need to do their bit to help the planet.

Government Policies are only going to move us all further down this route over time.