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Introducing the Twisty Peg from Posh Pegs Ltd

The Twisty Peg is a whole new concept in peg technology. Proudly Designed and Manufactured in the UK the Twisty Peg is a solid one piece design with no moving parts and is completely UV protected. Brightly coloured, it can be used as a conventional clothes peg as well as a handful of other useful household applications.

The Twisty Peg is instantly recognisable with its unique one piece construction.
There are 3 different size holes for a variety of washing line thicknesses and washing type.


The Twisty Peg just pushes on and holds the washing tight automatically selecting the correct position.

By simply twisting the peg it can be easily removed from the line.

The Twisty Peg will hold delicate underwear……

The Twisty Peg will hold thick Bath Towels….

And the Twisty Peg will even hold thick socks in pairs.